This is my blog. I am currently a 2nd year  Graphic Design degree student at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth. This is a blog where I can hold any interesting research or findings I may come across.

This is also where I am documenting the majority of research i am collating for my 3rd year dissertation on the topic – “How does advertising generate trust in consumers to encourage them to purchase?”


One response to “About

  1. zmw1229

    Yo Josh,

    It’s Zoe. Just remembered that i never got to say to you one of the ideas i thought could help you when you did your brainstorm!

    I remember that there was a bank a while ago that used a significant handshake, (with two people of different ethnicity shaking hands at the end) tried to find it for you but i couldn’t. However, found this poster and thought this is definitely an area you should look at for your essay!


    Hope that helps, if not, just ignore! 🙂

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